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“Thanks Nurses” Doctor TV Ads

Beacon Health System Doctors know where the backbone of their top-quality hospitals reside: in the support staff and nurses who they work with everyday.  This ad campaign features actual doctors filmed in multiple locations throughout Beacon’s campus.  Director Jeremy Pinckert works with real-person actors everyday, and if the onscreen evidence is any proof, these doctors came to act with their “A” games.  Probably because every last one of them truly believed the words they were saying about their colleagues, friends, and in most cases, families away from home….

“Stories” OSMC Orthopaedic TV Ad

Answer this question: what’s the most rewarding problem you ever solved at work? These OSMC Doctors had no trouble telling the stories behind their favorite cases in this just-released Orthopaedic TV Ad.

“The Ride Home” Health Care TV Spot

Director’s Cut So often we think of rehab for the elderly as a one-way trip. Director Jeremy Pinckert collaborated with Williams Randall Advertising to give his take on the alternative in this health care tv spot: The Car Ride home! This Director’s Cut features an alternate music take and a few different shots from the original. Agency: Williams Randall Production Company: Explore Media Director: Jeremy Pinckert AD: Quinn Wilson DP: Jamieson Mulholland Gaffer: Dean Horn AC: Christian Henriquez Production Coordinator: Chuck Fry Grip: Scott Anderson…

“We are Beacon” Health Care TV Ad Campaign

Health Care TV Ad Campaign We aren’t allowed to share how many real-person talent performances Director Jeremy Pinckert pulled out of these good-natured docs, nurses, and health care professionals at Beacon Health System, but let’s just say it was a fun, but long, day! The reward for hard work by health care marketing professionals, crew and editing folks alike? Seeing these spots run during the 2014 Super Bowl broadcast.

“Home Care” Healthcare TV Ads

  What started out as a home-care nurse delivering scripted lines to camera evolved (after storyboarding & location scouts) to these really clean TV spots for Memorial Health Care and Elkhart General Home Care, jointly known as Beacon Health System. The healthcare tv ads feature a real nurse doing what she does best: delivering care at home!

“Unique Experience” Memorial Childbirth Center :30 Health Care TV Ads

Memorial Childbirth Center is the region’s leading delivery and trauma center for newborns, but our client needed to reintroduce this top-rated childbirth center to a new generation.  The boards for these health care tv ads focused on doctor expertise, and mothers who can choose their birth preferences, giving us the opportunity to show mommies, daddies, and babies in plenty of unique, emotional situations. CREDITS Produced by Explore Media Director Jeremy Pinckert DP Jeremy Jackson AD Christian Henriquez Editor Michael Dicken Lighting Director Dean Horn Colorist Kelly Armstrong…

“A Top-Notch Education” IU School of Medicine

Did you know you can get a full 4-year post-grad education at the prestigious Indiana School of Medicine, all entirely in South Bend? This video tells the story of how administrators, doctors, and students all collaborated to develop an immersive curriculum niche which gives IUSM-SB grads a “leg up” on their competition!

Bariatric Weight Loss Brings Big Gains

“Life Before” So often, Bariatric Marketing focuses on imagery of large pieces of clothing and how much weight people have lost.  But Elkhart General’s Bariatric and Metabolic Institute wanted to tell their story based on one idea, “It’s not how much you lose, but how much you gain”.  Follow the amazing story of Heather, one patient whose hard work, determination, and exuberance shine through her entire bariatric weight loss journey. “The Surgery” “Meeting Her Goals” “Glam Girl”

“Who We Are” OSMC Orthopaedic TV Ad

As a joint and muscle center, OSMC found potential patients rarely knew the range of services they offered. Using the 21st century definition of “Muskulo-skeletal Care”, and the idea that patients really want to get the skinny straight from a doctor, we created this orthopaedic TV ad campaign! See more health care video See our health care portfolio Director: Jeremy Pinckert DP: Jamieson Mulholland AC: Mark Barry Audio: Dana Mroczek Editor-Colorist: Michael Dicken PA: Caleb Mulholland Music: “Good to See You” Dowd Tarver courtesy Killer…

Beacon Health System 120-second TV Ad “I Will Be Here”

Not often do we get a request for a 120-second television commercial!  But Memorial Health and Elkhart General have joined to form Beacon Health System, and our client needed the time to express the emotion and particulars of this exciting merger.  The marketing department gave us the challenge of creating a music video of sorts to a song for which they only have television rights, so this version is an alternate version licensed for web use, sans vocals. We answered the challenge using Sony’s new…

“New Knees” Terry McMillen Health Care TV Ads

Terry McMillen is an NHRA professional race car driver who was faced with the decision to either quit the career he loves as a drag racer or get a double knee replacement surgery.  After meeting with Dr. Klaassen from Elkhart General Hospital, his decision to get his knees replaced was made much more comfortable.  As Terry says, “I feel like I’m 18 again!” Explore Media was tasked with writing, editing & creating :30 health care TV ads based on the originally shot footage and interview. …

“The Fleischers” Dupont OB

Mindy and Chris Fleischer have three beautiful, healthy children: all delivered at the Birthplace at Dupont Hospital in Fort Wayne, IN. OLG/Lodge Design wanted to tell the Fleischer story for their client: Dupont and the Lutheran Health Network. Shot on location in Fort Wayne using real people telling real stories!

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